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Association of Free Grace Theological Schools

AFGTS courses are designed for degree-seeking students recommended by Bible Colleges or Seminaries for their students to GBS for a particular course…  Transferability of credits earned at Grace Biblical Seminary and transferred to another institution is at the discretion of the receiving institution. GBS accepts AFGTS applications year-round.

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     *AFGTS Tuition: $400.00 per course

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Available Online Courses:

BLGK – Greek Grammar I (3)

An introduction to basic Greek grammar (focusing on nouns), vocabulary, and translation.

BLGK – Greek Grammar II (3)

This course is a continuation of Greek Grammar I, emphasizing verbs (tenses, moods, and irregular verbs) and participles. Prerequisite: BLGK 500.

BSNT – The Life of Christ (3)

A detailed study in the life of Christ constitutes this course. The chronological and geographical aspects of the Lord’s ministry will be stressed as He offers the Kingdom to Israel with its subsequent rejection. A term project tracing the geographical and chronological movement is required.

BTHE – Hermeneutics (3)

A study of the basic principles and specific guidelines of biblical interpretation. Some attention is given to the historical schools of interpretation, but the focus of the course is on historical-grammatical interpretation and legitimate application of theScriptures. General principles, such as reliance on the Holy Spirit; paying attention to context; knowing the ancient culture; and recognizing the different types of literary genre, are covered. Specific rules regarding the interpretation of types, symbols, poetry, proverbs, parables, and prophecy are also given.

DTHE – Free Grace Theology (3)

An introduction ans in-depth overview of the distinctions and objections of free grace theology.

STHE – Soteriology (3)

A directed study of the doctrine of salvation with special attention given to the work of Christ, the nature and extent of the atonement, the terms of salvation, election and human responsibility, and the eternal security of the believer.

STHE – Sanctification and Pneumatology (3)

A directed study of the Person and work of the Holy Spirit, including discussion of His deity, personhood, and ministries to unbelievers, and to believers, with special emphasis on His sanctifying role in the life of the believer.

STHE – Dispensationalism and Eschatology (3)

An introduction to the dispensational system of Bible interpretation will be made. Contrasts will be drawn with Covenant Theology and progressive dispensationalism. This course also includes a directed study of eschatology, including an analysis of the biblical teaching concerning last things, a discussion of the coming of Christ, and other end times events from a premillennial perspective. The students will be given a comprehensive outline of the future events of God’s propheticprogram. The major millennial views will be presented along with various views relating to the Rapture. Attention will be given to the unconditional covenants of the Old Testament.

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