Ismael Dora

Professor of Old Testament & Hebrew Studies

  • B.A., Academie Nationale Diplomatique et Consulaire
  • M.Div., Luther Rice Seminary & University
  • Th.M., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Pursuing Ph.D., Clarks Summit University (Baptist Bible Seminary).


Tom Eckman, Academic Dean

Professor of Biblical Language & Bible Exposition.

  • B.A., M.A., Criswell College;
  • M.Div., Capital Bible Seminary;
  • Th.M., Grace Biblical Seminary;
  • Doctoral studies in linguistics and grammar theory at the University of Texas at Arlington
  • Th.D., (ABD) Grace Biblical Seminary.


Dr. Butch Entrekin

Professor of Theological Studies, & Christian Education.

Pastor of Adult Education, Community Bible Church, Stockbridge, GA

  • Th.B., Atlanta Baptist College;
  • M.T.S., M.Div., D.Min., Grace Biblical Seminary.

Dr. Michael D. Halsey, Chancellor

Doctoral Advisory Committee Member

Professor of Bible Exposition & Systematic Theology.

Teacher, Hangar Bible Fellowship, Locust Grove, GA

  • B.A., Texas Tech University;
  • Th.M., D.Min., Dallas Theological Seminary;
  • Th.D., Grace Biblical Seminary.

Dr. S. Ed Hoard

Doctoral Advisory Committee Member

Professor of Pastoral & Biblical & Theological Studies

Sr. Pastor, First Baptist Church, Zebulon, GA

  • Diploma, Florida Bible College;
  • B.A., Immanuel Baptist College;
  • M.Div., Luther Rice Seminary;
  • Th.M.; D.D., Immanuel Baptist Theological Seminary;
  • Th.D., Grace Biblical Seminary.


Dr. Rick Whitmire, President

Doctoral Advisory Committee Member

Professor of Evangelism, Biblical & Theological Studies.

Director, Go Tell Evangelism, McDonough, GA

  • Florida Bible College (Alumni);
  • B.S., Liberty University;
  • M.T.S., M.Div., D.Min., Grace Biblical Seminary.


Dr. Gene Yancey

Professor Systematic Theology

  • B,A,, Florida Bible College;
  • Columbia Theological Seminary (Greek Language Studies);
  • Th,M,, Covington Theological Seminary;
  • Th,D., Covington Theological Seminary.




Thomas H. Davis

Professor of Biblical Languages, Biblical Studies, & Theological Studies

  • B.A., Th.B., Florida Bible College
  • M.Div., Luther Rice Seminary
  • Postgraduate (S.T.M.) Studies Dallas Theological Seminary.


Mark Fontecchio

Professor of Biblical Studies

Pastor, Pioneer Baptist Church, Wasilla, AK

Founder, Literal Truth, Author, and Bible Conference Teacher

  • A.B.S., Moody Bible Institute;
  • B.B.S., Andersonville Theological Seminary;
  • M.A.B.S., Grace School of Theology.


J. Richard Fugate

Professor of Bible-Based Hermeneutic

Founder & Director, Foundation for Biblical Research


Dr. Tony Guthrie

Doctoral Advisory Committee Member

Professor of Pastoral Ministry/Preaching

Emmaus Biblical Training Center, Co-founder

  • A.Div., B.A., M.Div., Ph.D., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.


Hal M. Haller

Professor of Biblical & Theological Studies

  • A.A.; Miami-Dade Community College;
  • B.A., Florida Bible College;
  • B.D., Luther Rice Seminary;
  • Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary;
  • M.Ln., Emory University;
  • Doctoral Studies, Reformed Theological Seminary.


Chris Morrison

Professor of Pastoral Ministries & Apologetics

Emmaus Biblical Training Center, co-founder

Board Certified Chaplain at Mercy Hospital in Fort Smith, AR

  • B.A., Luther Rice University;
  • M.A., Luther Rice Seminary;
  • M.Div., Liberty University.


Jason Peters

Professor Biblical Languages

Pastor of Discipleship, Wayside Bible Church, Austin, TX

  • M.T.S., Grace Biblical Seminary;
  • M.T.S (Biblical Greek)., Scofield Graduate School and Theological Seminary;
  • M.Div., Grace Biblical Seminary.


Dr. Steve Spurlin

Professor of Biblical & Theological Studies

Pastor, Cornerstone Bible Church, Lubbock, TX

  • B.A.& B.S., Williams Baptist College;
  • M.T.S., Tyndale Theological Seminary;
  • D.T.S., Scofield Graduate School;
  • Ph.D., Trinity School of Apologetics & Theology.


Thomas L. Stegall

Professor of Biblical & Theological Studies

Associate Pastor, Duluth Bible Church &

Publication Director, Grace Gospel Press, Duluth, MN

  • A.B.S., Moody Bible Institute
  • B.A.S., University of Minnesota;
  • Diploma, Grace Institute of Biblical Studies;
  • M.Div., Th.M., Th.D., Grace Biblical Seminary.


Drue Freeman

Professor of Biblical Languages & Biblical Studies

Pastor, Trinity Bible Church, Oklahoma City, OK

  • B.S., Southwestern Oklahoma State University;
  • M.B.L., Tulsa Seminary.


Dr. J.B. Hixson

Doctoral Advisory Committee Member

Professor of Systematic Theology

Founder, Not by Works.

  • B.A., Houston Baptist University;
  • Th.M., Dallas Theological Seminary;
  • Ph.D., Baptist Bible Seminary.


Dr. Jack Bartlett, Associate Pastor, Community Bible Church, (Stockbridge, GA)

Dr. Michael D. Halsey, Teacher,  Hangar Bible Fellowship (Locust Grove, GA)

Dr. Rick Whitmire, Director, Go Tell Evangelism (McDonough, GA)



Tom Eckman, Grace Biblical Seminary. Academic Dean

Dr. Butch Entrekin, Community Bible Church

Dr. Michael D. Halsey, Hangar Bible Fellowship

Dr. Ed Hoard, First Baptist Church, Zebulon

Dr. Rick Whitmire, Grace Biblical Seminary, President


Dr. Rick Whitmire

Tom Eckman

Dr. Butch Entrekin


Kathy Whitmire, Office Administrator & Registrar

updated: 12/2017