At Grace Biblical Seminary, we believe there is a need to train leaders, for Christian ministers. Academic programs are rigorous and challenging. Students are taught by faculty with years of experience in their fields. Our mission is to produce graduates who are biblically grounded, spiritually mature and culturally relevant. At GBS, we provide the opportunity for you to secure a strong Biblical foundation for Christian living and service.
Anyone with a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent education can apply for the Undergraduate Programs offered at GBS for credit. Applicants must complete the student application for admission before his/her acceptance is considered.

Goals and Objectives

Academic Goals:
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of the entire Bible.
  • Articulate the basic doctrines of the Christian faith
  • Rightly divide the Scripture
  • Exhibit academic excellence in their field of study.
  • Prepare for advanced education.


Spiritual Goals:
  • Model daily obedience to God’s Word in his/her life.
  • Develop a consistent devotional life.
  • Display a Biblical worldview in his/her private and public life
Ministry Goals:
  • Utilize the skills and tools necessary for practical Christian ministry.
  • Develop a consistent pattern of evangelism and discipleship
  • Develop skills of effective communication.


Critical Thinking:
  • Develop critical-thinking and problem solving abilities.


Cultural Sensitivity:
  • Engage in the Christian ministry and fellowship with appreciation for the variety of individuals through which God works.




Course Descriptions / Undergraduate Courses
Specialized Programs for High School and (Secular) University Students