After you have been admitted as a student you will receive a selection of the required introductory courses. The next step is to select the course or courses to begin your study with GBS.


Undergraduate / Graduate / Postgraduate
Registering for courses is a simple two-step process.   
Student Registration Form
     1. Complete (Part 1) – Student Registration Form and email it in a word or PDF to GBS.
     2. Complete (Part 2) Signature & Payment Form and mail it to:

     Grace Biblical Seminary

     c/o Registrar’s Office

     P.O. Box 2707

     McDonough, GA 30253




All tuition and fee payments must be U.S. currency or drawn on a U.S. bank.
Payment From International Students.

For Students residing in a country other than the United States…

More information coming soon

How Many Courses In A Semester Should You Take? 
Whether you’re registered for a traditional campus course, a blended online course, a blended hybrid course or an online course, you can use this as a general rule of thumbs.  For each course, we suggest that you anticipate five-six hours of weekly study (depending on the individual reading and comprehension skills) for reading, assignments and exam preparation.
The first semester of enrollment generally requires more time for adjustment and developing time management skills. The student is advised, to consider how many courses to take each semester, in light of family, work, ministry and other responsibilities.
Student Classification
Full-Time Student:
Students enrolled in three courses (9 Credit Hours) to five courses (15 Credit Hours) per semester.
Part-Time Students:
Students enrolled in one course (3 Credit Hours) to two courses (6 Credit Hours) per semester.
Some students chose to take only one course at a time and will give all their focus to that course before starting a second course.
Note: All courses (campus course (14 weeks), blended online course (14 weeks), blended hybrid course (8 weeks) or online course (14 weeks) are base on the course work of a traditional 15 week semester. The course work is adjusted in the weeks of class time.