Semester System:
Grace Biblical Seminary operates on a semester system.Fall semester concludes prior to Christmas and Spring semester concludes in the early weeks of May. The seminary also conducts a summer sessions following the Spring semester. 
The unit of counting credit is the semester hour. One semester hour represents one credit hour of class work per week or its equivalent in other forms of class performance. Each three-hour course constitutes 14 to 15 weeks of classes, including the final exam week.
New and continuing students are encouraged to seek academic advisement in planning their theological education. Advisement for new and continuing students is available through the Admissions Office.
Registration begins approximately six weeks prior to the start of a new semester. Early registration is encouraged. A late registration fee will be charged.
General Academic Admission Requirements:
  • Non-Credit Programs:
There are no degree requirements for those wishing to take classes only for enrichment. Anyone can apply to become a non-credit/audit student. Applicants must complete the non-credit application for admission before his/her acceptance is considered.
  • Undergraduate Certificate: 
Anyone who has a High School Diploma or equivalent can apply for a Undergraduate Certificate provided at Grace Biblical Seminary.
  • Graduate Certificate: 
Anyone who has a undergraduate degree or equivalent can apply for a graduate Certificate provided at Grace Biblical Seminary.
  • Undergraduate Programs:
Anyone who has a High School Diploma or equivalent can apply for the Undergraduate Programs provided at Grace Biblical Seminary. Applicants must complete the student application for admission before his/her acceptance is considered. GBS recognizes home schooling as a viable educational alternative and welcomes applications from home-schooled students whose desire is to pursue Bible training and Christian leadership development. Generally, an applicant must have completed studies equivalent to a high school diploma.
  • Graduate Programs:
Applicants for the degree programs must have earned a baccalaureate degree from an approved college or university, or its equivalent. The student’s undergraduate overall grade point average must be 2.0 or higher.
Transfer Students:

Transfer credit is not automatic, but students transferring from other educational institutions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to establish equivalency. Transfer credit applies toward satisfying graduation requirements, those grades will not be used in calculating cumulative GPA. Special consideration is given to Bible Colleges and Seminaries who have an alliance with GBS. 

All transfer students must request previous academics institutions to mail an official transcript within 90 days of enrollment. GBS will accept copies of transcripts for preliminary evaluation during the admissions process. 

The Bachelor of Theology Program: A maximum of 60 semester hours may be transferred toward the Th.B. program from institutions not associated with free grace theology. Thus, a student must complete at least 60 semester hours of academic work from GBS. An official transcript from the institution previously attended is required.

The Master of Theological Studies Program: A maximum of 21 semester hours may be transferred toward the M.T.S. program from institutions not associated with free grace theology. Thus, a student must complete at least 24 semester hours of academic work from GBS. An official transcript from the institution previously attended is required.
The Master of Divinity Program: A maximum of 45 semester hours may be transferred toward the M.Div. program from institutions not associated with free grace theology. Thus, a student must complete at least 45 semester hours of academic work from GBS. An official transcript from the institution previously attended is required.
Transfer Students from Free Grace Bible Institutes, Colleges and Seminaries:
Grace Biblical Seminary will consider accepting student’s credits (on a case-by-case basis), from free grace Bible institutes, colleges and seminaries. The minimum GPA accepted in all degree programs is 2.0.

Student Classification:

Matriculating Student:

Students who have formally applied and been admitted into a degree program.
Full-Time Student:
Students enrolled in three courses (9 Credit Hours) to five courses (15 Credit Hours) per semester.
Part-Time Students:
Students enrolled in one course (3 Credit Hours) to two courses (6 Credit Hours) per semester. Some students chose to take only one course at a time and will give all their focus to that course before starting a second course.
 In determining a student’s classification, all credits that have been successfully completed are counted. The classifications are:
Undergraduate Student Classification:

Freshman: 0-29 credit hours

Sophomores: 30-59 credit hours

Juniors: 60-89 credit hours
Seniors: 90 credit hours and up
Students Classification (M.Div.):
Junior: 0-29 credit hours
Middler: 30-59 credit hours
Senior: 60 credit hours and up
Grading Policies:
All academic work is graded according to the scale set forth below and is evaluated by a faculty member and assigned a letter grade. The grade point average (GPA) is a numerical representation of a student’s overall academic achievement. It is obtained by assigning point values to specific grades and multiplying these values by the number of semester hours received in that course. The total number of grade points earned for one semester or for all semesters at Grace Biblical Seminary is divided by the total number of semester hours. Grades of I and WP are not assigned grade point values and are not used in the computation of the grade point average. A grade of WF is assigned a grade point value of zero (0). The grade point values are as shown in the following chart.
Grade Quality Points Definition: 
A+      4.0 grade points per semester hour

A        4.0 grade points per semester hour

A-       3.7 grade points per semester hour

B+      3.3 grade points per semester hour

B        3.0 grade points per semester hour

B-       2.7 grade points per semester hour

C+      2.3 grade points per semester hour

C        2.0 grade points per semester hour

C-       1.7 grade points per semester hour

D+      1.3 grade points per semester hour

D        1.0 grade points per semester hour

D-       0.7 grade points per semester hour

F        0.0 grade points per semester hour
Grade Explanation:
A- A  A+    
Superior work, subject mastery   
B- B B+  
Good work, subject competence
C C+  
Average work, subject familiarity
Poor work
Poor work
D D-
Unacceptable work
Unacceptable work, subject failure
The grading scale is offered only as a guideline. It may vary with faculty. Faculty members have the prerogative of adjusting their course grading system at their discretion.
I – Incomplete.
W – Withdrew from class during the first two weeks. No grade points given and GPA is not affected.
WP – Withdrew, passing after the first two weeks. No grade points given and GPA is not affected.
WF – Withdrew, failing after the first two weeks. No grade points given and GPA is negatively affected.

Grade Reports:

Grade reports are issued at the end of the semester. The student’s copy of the grade report will be e-mailed or mailed within three weeks after the completion of the semester, at the address indicated on the Student’s application. Errors on the grade report other than grade errors should be reported to the Admissions’ Office within two weeks of receiving the grade report.
Graduate Honors:
The scholastic distinctions are listed below.

     • summa cum laude (3.95 – 4.00)

     • magna cum laude (3.75 – 3.94)

     • cum laude (3.50 – 3.74)

All honors (if applicable) will appear on the official transcript only. No honors will appear on the degrees earned by student.


Incomplete Grades:

An incomplete grade “I” is assigned for deficiencies as the result of illness or other emergencies. The grade will become an “F” if the course work is not completed within two weeks following each semester, or within the time prescribed by the instructor.
The student’s quality grade point average (GPA) is computed by dividing the total number of credit hours into the total number of quality points earned. Any proper withdrawal from a class does not affect the grade average. However, if a student fails to follow the correct withdrawal procedure, the resulting “F” grade will be recorded.
Grade Appeal Process:
If a student feels that there is an error on his grade report, he must begin the appeal process within thirty days of receiving the grade report. After thirty days the grade is considered final and is not subject to appeal by the student or any third party.
GBS is not responsible for lost tests, projects, etc. Please be sure to make a copy of all material prior to submitting material to GBS for grading or evaluation.
Students who question the appropriateness of the grade received for a course should contact the professor first. If, after contacting the professor, a student still is not satisfied with the result, they should contact the Academic Dean. After the meeting with the student and the professor, the Academic Dean will make a final decision concerning the student’s grade.

Course Repeating Policy:

A course may be repeated to raise a low grade but credit for the course does not accumulate. The last letter grade earned by repeating a course is used to compute the Grade-Point Average.
Assignment Standards:
Students must have a basic grasp of English grammar. Any examination, report or term paper evidencing poor paragraph structure, incomplete sentences or spelling errors may result in a reduction of the student’s grade, regardless of content. All papers must be researched and written by the individual student and should conform to the standards set forth in M.L.A. or A.P.A., as determined by the professor.
Makeup Work:
1. Makeup work for all absences is the student’s responsibility.
2. A student may not enter a class, take an unannounced or announced quiz at the beginning of the hour and then miss the remainder of the class. No credit will be given for quizzes taken under such circumstances. Permission to take a scheduled quiz, test or exam early must be secured from the instructor.
3. The student is responsible for all class material even when absent. All assignments must be turned in on the due date. Assigned papers turned in late, for whatever reason, will be penalized at the discretion of the instructor.
4. Students may make up assignments and exams for illness, medical appointments and emergencies recognized by the instructor.
Computer Literacy:
Computer literacy is expected of students for term papers and other assignments.
Academic Integrity:


(1). Plagiarism

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, 2nd College Edition, plagiarism is defined as taking and using “as one’s own the writings or ideas of another.” Plagiarism shall include failure to use quotation marks or other conventional markings around material quoted from another source. Plagiarism shall also include paraphrasing a specific passage from a source without indicating accurately what that source is. Plagiarism shall further include letting another person compose or rewrite a student’s written assignment.

(2). Falsifying Information

Falsifying information shall include forging a proctor’s name, submitting another’s work as one’s own, or otherwise providing false or misleading documentation.

(3). Other Forms of Academic Dishonesty

During examinations, academic dishonesty shall include referring to written information not specifically permitted by the instructor or syllabus. It shall further include receiving unauthorized written or oral information from a fellow student or proctor. Academic dishonesty shall include stealing, buying, selling, or transmitting a copy of any examination.

Any student proven to have committed any of the above will receive an “F” for the course and will receive an academic warning. If the student is proven to have been guilty a second time, he or she will be expelled from the seminary.

GBS reserves the right to require the withdrawal of, or to deny re-admission to any student at any time, if this action is deemed necessary to maintain the seminary’s ideals of scholarship and Christian standards. Dishonesty in any phase of college work, failure to give honest testimony to a seminary official or faculty member, disregard for the rights and safety of others, or any other un-Christian behavior may lead to dismissal.

GBS students are expected to maintain the highest Christian behavior both in the churches and the local community. Failure to live up to these standards will lead to appropriate disciplinary actions that may include dismissal.


Completion of Course Work:

On-Campus Students:
Each course must be completed before the official conclusion of each semester. Under unusual circumstances the student, in consultation with the course instructor, may be granted a two-week extension to complete course work. The student must initiate all such requests.
Online & Distance Students:
Students enrolled in an online course must complete their course within 6 months of their enrollment date.
Under unusual circumstances the student, in consultation with the course instructor, may be granted a three month extension to complete course work. The student must initiate all such requests.

Class Attendance:

Attendance of scheduled classes is regarded as being fundamentally essential to good learning. Class attendance is necessary for the learning process to provide optimum benefits. Significant materials, insights, perspectives, and opinions will be gained from class sessions. Moreover, students are expected to participate in class discussion. Consequently, if 20% or more of the classes are missed in any given course the student automatically fails the class. Three tardies normally equal one absence.
Excused absences count toward the 20%. Extensive absences for hospitalization or extreme emergencies will be handled by the Academic Dean in consultation with the instructor. Each instructor keeps accurate attendance records and makes decisions regarding excused or unexcused absences.
Academic Difficulty:
A student must have a grade point average of 2.0 or higher to be considered in good standing. Any student receiving an “F” or “I” must contact the Dean of Students for further instructions.
  • Academic Warning – Any student who receives a grade of C- and below for a course will receive an academic warning. 
  • Academic Probation – Students whose total grade point average falls below 2.00 will be placed on academic probation for the next semester in which they are enrolled. These students will be permitted to enroll for a maximum of six hours, and possibly less, if so advised
  • Academic Suspension – Failure to attain a semester average of 2.00 in a semester of academic probation will result in immediate suspension as a student at Grace Biblical Seminary for six months following the suspension.
  • Final Suspension – A student who is re-admitted after a suspension will be placed on Academic Probation. Failure to maintain a 2.00 average in any semester of academic probation following a suspension will result in immediate and permanent suspension.
  • Re-admission – A student who has been placed on final suspension is eligible to apply for re-enrollment no earlier than one calendar year (two semesters and a summer session) following the suspension. Requests for reinstatement must be addressed in writing to the Office of the Registrar. A student readmitted after suspension will enroll under academic probation.
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act:

GBS maintains a variety of records relating to students. The Administration Office retains the official file, which includes the student’s original application for admission, recommendation forms, transcripts and other pertinent information. These records are available to faculty and staff who have legitimate educational interests.

Educational records are released to outside individuals or agencies only with the student’s written permission. The only exceptions are those specifically required in Section 438 of the General Provision Acts.
Transcript Request:
Transcripts for all former and current students are issued upon receipt of a written request, signed by the student.  Request by telephone are not accepted. The Admission Office does not fax transcripts.Transcript requests are processed in the order in which they are received. The normal processing time is 3-5 business days, however, during peak times and registration, this time period may be longer. Official transcripts will be sent to the address indicated on the request.
Transcripts mailed to students will be stamped “Issued to Student.”   Official transcripts bear the signature of the Registrar and the school seal. Your transcript is the record of your accepted transfer credit and your classes at Grace Biblical Seminary. This entire document will be sent. Partial transcripts are not issued. Transcripts from other schools are not issued. These must be obtained directly from that institution.
No transcript will be issued until all financial, administrative, and academic requirements have been fully met by the student. Transferability of credits earned at Grace Biblical Seminary and transferred to another institution is at the discretion of the receiving institution. GBS does not release student student’s academic, financial records, or personal information unless the student completes a written consent form.
Official Transcript Fee: $10.00.
Graduation Requirements:

The following requirements must be successfully completed in order to receive a degree, diploma, or certificate:

  • Satisfactory completion of all course work and assignments.
  • A minimum cumulative GPA (Undergraduate – 2.0 / Master’s level – 2.5 / Doctoral level – 3.0)
  • Fulfillment of all financial obligations
  • Adherence to biblical standards and ethics in living one’s lifestyle
Upon completion of all academic requirements the degree will be awarded to the graduate. Degrees for distance education students will be forwarded to the graduate, after being awarded by proxy, if the graduate is unable to attend the graduation ceremonies.
Refund Policies:
Refunds for Credit Courses:

In case of a withdrawal after registration, a written request from the student is required (the dates will be determined from the first day of class and the date of the request to withdraw from a class) to receive a prorated refund of his or her tuition.

     Week 1 – 80%

     Week 2 – 50%

After the third week, no refund is given because commitments of the seminary have been finalized. Tuition refunds will be credited to the students account when the student has an outstanding financial obligation. If no financial obligation exists, the student will be issued a refund check.

Non-Refundable Fees:

Application fees, online technology fees, tuition from ACSI, transient credit courses and audit courses are non-refundable.