Grace Biblical Seminary offers a range of degrees and programs to get you ready to act on your call to ministry-no matter what form it takes. You can prepare for vocational ministry in the church, train for specialized ministries, do advance study, or even prepare yourself for non-vocational ministry in your own local church.
Academic Excellence is reflected in the way you THINK, LIVE, and SERVE.  It is requires knowledge and wisdom, character and integrity, action and commitment. At GBS you are challenged to move beyond the class room into real life ministry.
3 Circles
     THINK BIBLICALLY.  Absorb the Word of God, letting Him renew your mind and transform your thinking (Rom. 12:2).
     LIVE GODLY.  God’s Word describes it as walking… “Walk worthy of the calling with which you were called” in (Eph. 4:1)

     SERVE PRACTICALLY.  Christ exemplified it; God commands it. Practice it practically, tangibly, selflessly (Eph. 6:7).

It is a new era! As society changes, the need to rethink the delivery of education has become paramount. That is why GBS offers many education opportunities. Earn your degree completely online or a combination of coursework online and on campus at a GBS Learning Center.

Grace Biblical Seminary is committed to helping you live out God’s calling by preparing you for ministry. Through world-class training, you’ll learn to correctly handle the Word of God and better understand your role in taking the Word to the world.

Whether you enter as an undergraduate student, graduate student, or engage in one of GBS’s distance learning options, you’ll discover new depth to the Word of God that only comes through intensive study and an environment of proven scholarship. When you more fully grasp the power of the Word you’ll be able to speak to the issues of life with clarity, offering insight and hope to the world around you.

GBS offers a flexible course schedule which provides students the opportunity to maintain employment or continue in ministry while pursuing their education. GBS provides the opportunity of receiving academic training in a Christian atmosphere where faculty and staff desire to help students fulfill their life objectives.

GBS works in partnership with the local church as her training arm for leadership. Students are expected to be identified with a local church and to be faithful in attendance and ministry in that church. The collegiate atmosphere provides a source of encouragement and mutual interaction, but is not a replacement for the interaction and development of ministry skills found in the local church.


Grace Biblical Seminary offers several methods of delivery, enabling you to choose a method that suits your specific requirements in terms of preferred learning style and time availability.


100% Online,
Anytime… Anywhere…
The online learning option is for self-motivated, self-directed students.


GBS Learning
Centers & Online
Combining classroom learning with online learning and enhancing the advantage of both.


Combining one week of study at a GBS Learning Center & Online 
Complete your academics program at one of our learning centers, conferences, or global & cultural learning opportunities.


GBS Learning Centers
Complete your academics program at one of our learning centers, conferences, or global & cultural learning opportunities.


GBS Teaching Teams 
Correspondence Courses
Learning Options for Students with No Access to the Internet.


Accessible Christian education through on campus, online and distance learning options for those who are serious about the gospel and a commitment to make disciples of all nations.
We’re Not Your Traditional Seminary…
We’re Bringing the Seminary to Your Church…

Grace Biblical Seminary is excited to offer the cutting edge of theological education by partnership with like-minded pastors and churches worldwide. The training of pastors, evangelists, missionaries and other church leaders according to the New Testament model… takes place in the local church setting. Much of the church has gotten away from this paradigm, and trains its future leaders by sending them to an educational institution away from the local body.

Our desire is to partner with pastors, church leaders and churches for the advancement of the gospel and in the training of servant-leaders for a variety of vocational and volunteer church-oriented ministries locally and worldwide. This partnership complements the ministry of local churches with Grace Biblical Seminary.

Academic programs are rigorous and challenging. Students are taught by faculty with years of experience in their fields. Our mission is to produce graduates who are biblically grounded, spiritually mature and culturally relevant. At GBS, we provide the opportunity for you to secure a strong Biblical foundation for Christian living and service.


GBS’s educational model is compose of five major areas of study and application.
1. Spiritual Life
Undergirding the biblical, theological, and practical courses is an emphasis on spiritual life because GBS believes that students will only be as effective in ministry as they are deeply connected to God himself and to the community of faith.
2. Biblical Studies
The foundational concern of all courses and degree programs at GBS is to ground students in the Scriptures so that they can become faithful communicators of the Gospel. 
3. Theological Studies
Building upon a knowledge of Scripture, students are taught the historic theological interpretation of Scriptures. 
4. Ministry Skills
Rooted in Scripture and theology, students are taught how to communicate these truths in a loving way through various ministry skills.
5. Christian Service
Christian service is an integral part of the educational philosophy of Grace Biblical Seminary. All students are required to minister in some area of Christian service during their enrollment at the seminary. An important part of Christian service is to help students discover and develop their spiritual gifts and talents. Christian service offers the opportunity for students to apply classroom instruction and theory to practical ministry experiences


Students can travel on short-term mission trips in the U.S. and abroad. Previous trips have included service in  Guaimaca, Honduras and Chinandega,   Nicaragua. These trips, led by faculty and staff of Grace Biblical Seminary, give students real, intercultural ministry experience.
Every student at Grace Biblical Seminary has the opportunity to put classroom knowledge into practice through these ministry opportunities:
Field Education
  • Local Church Ministry
  • Ministry Internships
  • Youth Camps
  • Inner City Ministry
  • Evangelism
  • Prison Ministry
  • Homeless Ministry
Mission Trips
  • Honduras
  • Nicaragua
Study Abroad
  • Isreal