Spring Semester 2017

April 3-7 – Spring Break
Check your learning center for closing.
May 1 – Final Exams & Semester Ends
March 19 (Sunday Night) 6:00pm
Epistle of James
Professor Tom Eckman & Dr. Butch Entrekin
On-Campus @ Community Bible Church
Stockbridge, GA
Online classes will ready for Summer Semester

Summer Semester 2017 (Online)

April 3-May 3 – Summer Registration 
May 8 –   Online Classes Begin 
June 12 – Midterm Exams         
July 24 – Final Exams & Semester Ends

Spring Semester 2017

June 5- July 31 – Fall Registration
August 7 – Campus and Global Campus Begin
October 16 – Midterm Exam
December 4 – Final Exam & Semester Ends

New On-Campus Class Begins March 19

Just a quick heads up for any of you who might be available on a Sunday night and are interested in a serious study of God’s Word…
I’ll be starting a study, and working with two other professors, on the letter from James. As you probably know, James’ letter has been abused by many different “Christian” groups more than any other passage in the New Testament (except for 2 other verses in the NT, which we will include in our discussion 😁 later). I’ll seek to demonstrate that the GRACE view is far more consistent than either of the two major views that teach something completely different (Catholic/Reformed) (and why).
My goal is to get past the abuse in order to get to James real ideas, all relating to our maturity in Christ and how we can follow Jesus more closely. James is one of the most practical and relevant books one could imagine!!
If interested, we will be meeting on Sunday evenings from 6-8 p.m., which will include time for food and fellowship (of course!). If you’re around and Sunday evening is free, let’s make it better!!
We will meet in room C-203 at Community Bible Church (Stockbridge, off exit 222) this Sunday evening, March 19th, beginning at 1800 (6 p.m.). i’d love to see you there!
God bless,
Tom Eckman
Professor, Grace Biblical Seminary
NT Greek and Exposition